DZug RSR Products Mulsane Porsche 917 908 Style Wood Shift Knob
Fits:  65-86 911, 912, 914, and 930.
An accurate recreation of Porsche's signature laminated wood shift knob found on the 917, 908, and Carrera GT.  Picture yourself at the Circuit de la Sarthe grabbing that last gear on the Mulsane straight in style with a throwback to the original shift knobs.  Handmade in the USA!  Listing is for one shift knob and requires the crush sleeve Porsche part #99953200300 for attachment, your stock crush sleeve can be reused.
Available in natural oiled or glossy urethane finish, please specify your preference upon ordering.
Will also fit 87-89 G50 equipped cars but will require a second crush sleeve part 99953200300 for attachment to the smaller G50 lever.
These knobs can potentially be made to fit any application if an adapter is made, we've had customers install them on Boxters, 997's, VW's, etc... the knobs have a 16.5 mm hole in the bottom.  We don't make any adapters yet but with some creativity you can probably figure out how to attach it to your special application.  I have one on my garage closet door for example.

Rebel S Racing DZ Mulsane Porsche 917 908 Wood Shift Knob