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Fits:  74-89 911, 930 and 69-73 911,912 with slight modification

Few details can evoke such emotion as the factory 935 style cross chassis brace as seen throughout IMSA in the late 70's. A simplistic design, light weight and proven over years of field testing from Sebring to Le Mans, it is a symbol of simplistic perfection yet not often duplicated. The last photo is a ghost overlap of the real 935 X-Brace. We are proud to present the 935 Cross Chassis Brace in spirit of the original that assisted the K3 to be the overall winner of Le Mans in 1979. Only a few concessions were made in adapting this piece to fit a stock 911/930/964 chassis taking into account items that race cars either didn't have or have to deal with in certain locations. Such as accommodation for accessing a spare tire without removing the brace, the dog leg portion that served to allow battery changes on the race cars now allows the stock 911/930 guy to use the space saver should the need arise.
This brace does not require any chassis modifications and is completely reversible, designed to be incredibly rigid offering the highest levels of chassis strengthening that can be offered by a chassis brace short of a full cage. With three active points of attachment at each corner to the chassis, each individual area can support incredible loads, and when combined this brace will ensure no chassis flex from the corners, tower collapse nor tower expansion (camber change mid corner).


Designed and executed the "X" brace locks the strut towers together at all 3 points per side of mounting. The resulting product is a super rigid structure that is not in need of additional bars going to the bottom of the strut tower. The cross bar is tied into the "X" sharing torsional load down to each corner of the front of the chassis allowing the forces that would normally twist the chassis to be spread over a large but very stiff area of triangulation using each side of the chassis to in effect brace against itself. Just as was found at IMSA & LeMans, our chassis brace gives you what you need in a lightweight package - everything you need, nothing you don't.

•Full strut plates to include the entire strut tower in the brace equation spreading load over a large surface area of the chassis
•Removable leg to allow access to a factory space saver spare tire
•Brushed Aluminum finish
•All hardware required to install, no drilling or welding required for stock chassis cars

Rebel S Racing DZ Style X-Brace

$750.00 Regular Price
$688.00Sale Price
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