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Fits 911’s (69-89), all 930's, 914’s, and 912's equipped with Turbo Tie Rods.

If you have changed the ride height on your Porsche, there's a good chance that you've introduced bump steer into your car's handling characteristcs.  Bump steer is unexpected steering input caused by improper tie rod geometry relative to ride height, spindle height, and front control arm angles. This will make the car feel unstable, unsafe, and unpredictable. This is a very basic and non adjustable entry level kit.  Designed for entry level builds this kit will help correct only low amounts of bump steer. 


For a stonger adjustable alternative you will want to look at our RSR Superior Adj. Bump Steer Kit, part number RSRBSK-001.

Basic Bump Steer Tie Rod End Kit

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