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Fikse is among the top industry leading wheel manufacturers in the world.  Their modular design and 
engineering philosophy has created some of the strongest, lightest, and most aesthetically pleasing 
wheels there is.  Fikse is no stranger to professional motorsports, their wheels can be found in 
everything from PCA racing to the 24 hours of Le Mans.  In similar fashion to our RSR product line, 
Fikse's focus on quality is evident that they strive to offer only the best.
You can order ANY style, lug pattern, finish, and offset Fikse wheel from us.  Just email or call us for a quote and we will help you select that unique look 
your car deserves to set it apart from the rest.

Our featured Fikse product is their Fuchs replica wheels.  Gorgeous in both design and finish, these CNC machined 3 piece modular wheels are a perfect 
tribute to the original Fuchs Porsche OEM wheels of their day.  The 17 and 18 inch diameter Fuchs replicas open up a wide variety of tire brands, compounds, and sizing availability while keeping that timeless classic look of an original Fuchs wheel.  Prices and sizing are shown below.  Finished wheels are available in all of the classic Porsche varieties:

Satin black center with polished lip
Gloss black center with polished lip
Satin black background with polished pedals and lip
Satin black background with smooth anodized pedals and lip
Frosted RSR style finish, as seen on the green car pictured below



FIKSE Wheels

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