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Genuine Porsche Al alloy lug nuts with open ends and machined with a chamfer.


Fitment:  Porsche models from 356 through 993 (1998), and later Porsche models to current (2024) with lug stud conversion.


These are popular on applications desiring the lightweight advantages and protective abilities of alloy lug nuts.  By creating easily visible thread engagement these lug nuts are approved for use in many competition events, as they should be.  The Al alloy shares an ideal mating surface and thermal properties for Fuchs, BBS, Fikse, and all other makes of forged or cast aluminum wheels.


M14x1.5 thread with R14 ball seat

Sold as a set of (20) Pieces to complete 1 car


Note - The controversy between Al and steel lug nuts has been largely discussed for decades so we will break it down for you.  Steel has greater strength properties than aluminum but it's also heavier(specific weight) and harder(Mohs scale).  Porsche designed the aluminum alloy lug nuts with more than sufficient strength as well as the ability to be gentile on aluminum wheel surfaces.  These were standard equipment on their vehicles from the first alloy mag wheel in the 60's to the introduction of lug bolts in 1999, which replaced lug nuts alltogether for manufacturing cost purposes.  The new wheel bolts therefore feature an aluminum ball seat washer to aid in preserving the wheel mating surface, hence the need for the softer material.  The aluminum alloy lug nuts are not inherently prone to galling, cracking, or failure.  These occurences are due to user error.  Basically, if your someone who prefers to use an impact gun to quickly zip on and off the lug nuts then the steel versions are for you but your wheels will suffer from this over time.  Contrarily, if you prefer something lightweight, cool, and your willing to spend a few extra minutes using a torque wrench then the aluminum lug nuts are a great OEM option.

Porsche Al Alloy Open Ended Lug Nuts

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