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Rebel RSR Products Rear Upper Control Arm 996 and 997


For much improved handling, feel, and performance you should upgrade the rear suspension with adjustable control arm links.  These allow you to lower your car and maintain proper suspension geometry. The factory links create too much toe-in, which cannot be adjusted out, creating handling problems and excessive tire wear. A disadvantage of the factory stock links is that they have rubber bushings, which make handling imprecise, especially in performance driving, autocross, and track events.


The clamp style end ensures these will hold their settings and NOT come loose like some jam nuts tend to do.  The clamp is unique because it rides in a shallow groove around the end of each link, so that when loosened it can never fall off the end.  This feature is also nice for adjustments as each clamp can be rotated or positioned in the most convenient orientation to tighten it with sufficient clearance. 


6061 CNC machined central link comes anodized black in color

Precision metric FK Bearing rod ends with Teflon liners for very long life

CNC machined 316L stainless steel misalignment spacers

Includes fully sealed weather boots for each end

Sold Individually or in sets of (4)


If you need to only adjust camber for tire wear then you only need (2) links

If you want to replace the kinematic support links as well as camber then you need (4) links

Rebel RSR Rear Upper Control Arm 996 / 997

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