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For 911's (66-89), all 930's and 912's with rear coil overs.

  • Greatly simplifies rear toe and camber adjustments by making them independent of each other.
  • Design concepts were incorporated from the dominant variations of the Porsche 935 race cars.
  • Features standard, raised, and lowered pivot points for street cars, lowered cars, safari cars, and all control arm configurations.
  • Eliminates stock rear rubber bushings and replaces stock spring plates.
  • Pivot points use precision USA made Chromoly rod ends for super strength with Teflon/Kevlar liners to provide wear resistant long term reliability.
  • Aircraft grade hardware.
  • Anodized bearing housings and CAD/nickel plated spring plates for long term corrosion resistance.
  • Alloy steel plates are available in semi-bright Nickel (silver) or yellow/gold CAD platings.  
  • Bearing housings are anodized in blue, dark gray, or black finish.
  • Safety-wire locking provision is available as an option.

Rebel S Racing 935 Rear Spring Plate Set

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