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Fits:  74-89 911, 912, and 930

Replacing the stock reflector panel that is usually cracked, worn, or faded can bring new life and 
attitude to your ride be it a 911 or 930. Designed with the identical specifications as the original 
reflector, this piece will fill the void just like the old reflector did, although lighter and better looking. 
Weather you're modifying your 930, stock SC/Carera or a Martini RSR tribute - the carbon fiber or 
red kevlar reflector replacement panel can fit your project and give you something unique. The 
quality is unsurpassed being manufactured by an industrial professional who does high end 
carbon and fiberglass work, ensuring you get the best product that we can make.  This 
replacement panel is constructed using the vacuum bag method to ensure consistency in 
delivering a quality product.  *Red Kevlar available upon request.

This modification is reversible, quick, easy and almost effortless when it comes to mounting. Not 
everything on these cars should take all day to do.

The PORSCHE script is available in standard black or reflective black vinyl which illuminates under 
headlights or flashes and remains black in the sun or direct light unless at the perfect angle 
(shown in the bottom picture at that angle and 2nd pic w/ a flash). The result is a whisper of the 
marquee that we love to much without the "in your face" billboard not all of us are in love with. 
Adding a bit of a sleeper touch to any car, this panel fits all 911's and 930's from 1975-89.

Rebel S Racing DZ Carbon Fiber Center Reflector

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