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Replaces Engine mounts on 89-94 964 C2 and C4 (2 required per car)
Replaces Engine mounts on 95-98 993 C2 (2 required per car)

Manufactured from CNC machined billet 6061 T-6 and anodized our signature gray for great protection.  Features modern 
high performance and high temperature polyurethane inserts, making these semi-solid engine mounts the perfect compromise 
between stock rubber and solid mounts.  The rigid polyurethane construction makes them ideal for performance oriented and 
racing cars alike, but still allows absorption of harmful vibrations and noise associated with solid steel or aluminum mounts.  
Also incorporated into the design is a drain hole for water to easily drain out of the upper bowl shaped interior.  Simple and easy installation requires only a floor jack to support the engine and metric sockets or wrenches to remove the stock mounts and install these semi-solid direct replacements.  

Engine mounts are sold individually, so two mounts (2) are required to complete one car.  Each RSR semi-solid engine mount comes with a genuine Porsche engine support bolt and a matching Porsche flanged lock nut, both distinguishable by their unique genuine factory blue anti corrosion coating.

Rebel S Racing Performance Engine Mounts

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