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Fits 911’s (69-89), all 930's, 914’s, and 912's equipped with Turbo Tie Rods.  Also fits 944

  • Allows Tie Rods to be adjusted downward in extra precise 1/32” (1mm) increments,  taking advantage of wider adjustment range than other kits on the market.
  • Utilizes one of the highest quality alloy steel spherical rod ends available.  Teflon/kevlar lined, full length 
    body, and capable of 30 degrees misalignment, so there is no binding throughout suspension travel or when the car is raised off the ground.
  • 14mm “tapered fit” 12.9 grade central shaft wedges itself into the steering arm just like the factory   Porsche tie rod ends, providing superior strength where it is needed.  No drilling of the steering arm is required.  Beware of the "other" kits using inadequate 7/16" bolts.
  • Machined stainless steel spacers.
  • Castle nuts with cotter pins for safety and added confidence.
  • Full encapsulating weather/dust seals are an option with this kit to provide extra protection against the dirty 
    driving conditions both under the car and behind the front wheels.
  • ***Required when using struts with raised spindles.

Also Available:

  • Full encapsulating weather boots provide ultimate protection, sold in pairs.
  • Bump Steer Kit with Turbo Tie Rod Package
  • Lower double shear brackets (weld on) are optional for maximum strength.  The ultimate in bump steer package.  This configuration is preferred by racers and those who have spindles raised above 28mm.  Includes 4 additional 7mm spacers for maximum adjustment. (pictured)

Rebel S Racing Superior Quality Adjustable Bump Steer Kit

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