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Rebel RSR Products 930 Inner Caliper Halves (sold as a PAIR)


Fitment:  Adapts Porsche 930 Rear Calipers (part#930-352-092-00, 930-352-092-01, 930-352-092-02, 930-352-092-03, 930-352-091-00, 930-352-091-01, 930-352-091-02, 930-352-091-03) to 911 or 914 rear trailing arms with 3 inch bolt spacing.


These peices of precision artwork are machined from billet 6061 aluminum (not castings) and anodized black to match the factory Porsche/Brembo 930 mating parts.  A mixture of early and late 930 design features were chosen in our design to capture the best overall look and function regarding heat displacement via the cooling fins, expansion rates, thread depth and fitment for hydraulic ports, wheel clearance, and trailing arm clearance for 911 and 914 applications.  We even added a seal removal provision so you won't end up marring the counterbores if the wiper seals ever need to be removed and replaced.  The piston bore and seal groove are machined exactly to the Porsche/Brembo specifications ensuring that the pistons retract the correct distance with static system pressure.  We measured the specifications using highly accurate equipment, even cutting apart and machining a brand new Porsche/Brembo caliper as a reference point.   


If you want to install Porsche 930 rear calipers on a 911 (non-turbo) or 914, this is the quickest, cleanest, and easiest solution.  Not to mention you get to retain the Porsche logo script that is a timeless signature of the 930 calipers.  These new inner caliper halves easily replace their counterparts with minimal labor.  You will need to remove (4) 12mm allen bolts, bleed screw, crossover tube, and (2) pistons.  The new caliper halves come with pressure seals and wiper/scraper seals already installed, so simply pressing in the pistons and re-installing the mounting hardware is all that is needed for the conversion.  This kit also includes Porsche banjo fittings, stainless steel brake lines, and caliper to trailing arm mounting hardware.


Unlike the 930 rear caliper modifications we offer here (for those who would like to modify what they already have), these new caliper halves provide a purpose built replacement that does not involve permanent modification to the factory parts, this way you can save your original parts on a shelf in case they are ever needed or desired in the future.


Kit Includes:

(2) New Inner Caliper Halves w/ 3.0" bolt spacing (Left and Right).

(4) Porsche/Brembo internal pressure seals.

(4) Porsche/Brembo wiper/scraper seals.

(2) Stainless Steel braided brake hoses with banjo fittings.

(2) Hollow banjo bolts.

(4) Sealing copper washers. 

RSR 930 Caliper Inners for 3" Bolt Spacing

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