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These lower control arm shims easily install between the inner and outer control arm pieces.  The 2-piece lower control arm upgrade is one of the most significant and cost effective modifications you can do to get a wide variety of camber angles and correct improper tire wear.


Made from 6061 T6 aluminum

Anodized for protection

Laser engraved to indicate thickness of each shim

Shims are sold per each:

1 MM   $10

2 MM   $10

3 MM   $13

7 MM   $16


Also available as a complete shim pack which will cover all of your needs and provide you some extras for future adjustments.  Includes holding clip for convenient storage.

Shim pack includes:

(2x) 1 MM

(2x) 2 MM

(2x) 3 MM

(2x) 7 MM

Holding clip

RSR Lower Control Arm Shims

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