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Professionally fabricated center tunnel re-positions any stock shifter or Rennshifter by raising it 4 inches and moving it back 4 inches.  This brings the shifter to an ideal location close to the steering wheel, minimizing hand movement and reach for all gear selections.  The tower includes all fastening hardware, weld on blind nuts, and a provision to relocate the parking brake if desired.  A straight shift lever is recommended when using this tower, you can bend a stock lever straight or purchase one of our machined billet levers.  We can say with confidence that this setup provides the best shifting experience you have ever thought possible from a 65-89 chassis.
*Note that the stock tunnel must have a 1.5 inch wide by 7 inch long slot cut into it from the rear coupler opening extending forward allowing for shift linkage rod clearance.


Shift linkage will need to be shortened to 28.80 inches

RSR Raised Tunnel Shift Tower

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