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We can perform the following to your 911, 912, 914, or 930 front struts.  Price is per pair.


Raise spindles on Bilstein or Koni strut housings.

Raise spindles on 914 strut housings.

Lower spindles (rally or safari height) on Bilstein, Koni, Boge, or 914 strut housings.

Convert Boge struts to Bilstein style configuration (call for quote), raise and/or change camber angle of spindle is included with this service.









General Labor Rate Disclosure:

All Mechanical Assembly/Disassembly $150/hour

Electrical $150/hour

Diagnostic $150/hour

Design, Engineering, CAD $150/hour

MIG/TIG Welding $150/hour

CNC Programming and Setup $175/hour


Strut / Spindle Services - Raise, Lower, De-Camber

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