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Sway-A-Way Torsion bars are high quality bars manufactured for improved, more consistent racing.  Exacting tolerances, heat treated, ground to size, and powder coated for superior protection.  The spline length on the ends has been increased to strengthen the coupling at each end.  These heavy duty torsion bars are designed to increase spring rate, reduce suspension bottom out, increase roll stiffness, reduce weight transfer and body roll, improve ride, handling, and cornering ability.  Available in both tubular and solid. 


Sander Engineering Torsion Bars  

The ultimate quick reaction torsion bars are now here, to fill the need for the ultimate in quick reaction and light weight, we introduce the Eliminator "X" torsion bars. Made of Sander's own superior material and rifle drilled to save 3 pounds, these bars provide even quicker rebound rates, since there is no center to slow the twisting motion. In actual competition, top drivers say the Eliminator "X" tubular bars react quickly, with the rebound being more controlled due to the stronger material. Therefore, the Eliminator "X" tubular bars are easier to control for the shocks.  Sold in pairs.

Front Torsion Bars (Sold in Pairs)

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