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The Jax Pouch is a simple key wallet designed for enthusiasts who seek exactly that... keeping it simple. Grab your little loved one or significant other and just go for a cruise. The Jax Pouch will hold a key, a license, and some cash or cc of choice. This ensures you'll have all that you need to share the passion of driving without any bulky distractions.


There is a long story behind this pouch and we will share more details with you when the time becomes appropriate. With that said, each pouch will support a child who has been dealt a difficult situation. This statement stands forever! For right now the project is about my son, he deserves the fair opportunity to know his father. If my son and I ever had or will have the pleasure of meeting you in person, then you can see for yourself. As an adult you realize that life often isn't fair, but you have hopefully been raised and taught to endure such hardships in a positive and constructive way. Taught that there is no room for hate, negativity, and animosity in this world.  It's the young children who deserve protection and the opportunity to learn and shape their own character from both a mother and a father without being affected by their differences. Successful parents raise their children to reflect the positive characteristics and moral values they have learned throughout their life.  After this mission is accomplished the project will get passed on to support another young child or children in an unfair situation.


Pouch Details:

  • Handmade - I sew these by hand while my son is napping or sleeping at night, about 1 per week is produced (depending upon availability of re-purposed leather).
  • Leather is repurposed from garments, wallets, purses, etc. Sourced from scrap bins at leather shops, goodwill, flea markets, swap meets, and a local saddle manufacturer.
  • All are top quality pieces that vary in color, texture, and patina.
  • Each one is unique in many ways, so no two are ever alike.
  • Heat treated Titanium memory spring wire is sewn into the top edges allowing the pouch to automatically close after you pinch it open.
  • No metal or sharp edges to scratch your dash.
  • Fits perfectly into your front or rear pants pocket.
  • Holds keys, lD, cash or credit card.
  • 100% handcrafted by myself, right here in a small town in the USA.


Each pouch is given a name, now it’s your opportunity to give it a story, remembering the children should always come first! I sincerely thank you for looking at these.

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Custom or personalized pouches can be stamped if you tell us what you are looking for.  Please note that copyright and trademark laws prevent us from using most logos other than what we have collected 2nd hand from re-purposed pieces.














General Labor Rate Disclosure:

All Mechanical Assembly/Disassembly $150/hour

Electrical $150/hour

Diagnostic $150/hour

Design, Engineering, CAD $150/hour

MIG/TIG Welding $150/hour

CNC Programming and Setup $175/hour

The Jax Pouch - Key Wallet

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